Tuesday, 17 December 2013

maximpetergriffin's 2013 Round-up

maximpetergriffin is an explorer and illustrator of Old, Weird Albion; as well as being a thoroughly pleasant chap.  Here are his thoughts on 2013.


Two thousand and 13 overview in 10 parts

1 - Scarp by Nick Papadimitriou 
Deep topography along the edge of the edge of London . Fairly cosmic .

2 - Ladybird books
I've collected a glut of these over the the last few months . In particular the landscape ones . Perfect illustrations of an England that never quite existed .
(What To Look For In Autumn is my favourite.  Cobwebs.  Fields.  Owls etc)

3 - Kosmicher Laufer 
A perfect collection of (possibly) East German electronica from (maybe) 1972 - 1983.
Propelling and very playful http://kosmischerlaufer.bandcamp.com/

4 - Bully Hills Barrow Cemetery - Tathwell , Lincolnshire 
I've spent a lot of time here . I like it . It bothers me . 
More information - http://www.stone-circles.org.uk/stone/bullyhills.htm

5 - A Field In England (Ben Wheatley 2013) 
Civil war set ghost story/western . Crackling script , beautifully shot and edited.  Top quality soundtrack too.

6 - Scarfolk 
Stunningly designed hautogeographic . And it's creator Richard Littler is a gentleman.
Learn more http://scarfolk.blogspot.co.uk/ So mote it be .

7 - Rogue Male - Geoffrey Household 
First published in 1939 , this lean little thriller is well worth a punt . Fast . Nasty . Dorset . See also the 1976 adaptation starring Peter O'Toole .

8 - The A1 northbound from Ferrybridge 
For the pylons , the megaliths and the battlefields .

9 - Otherness (David Wise 2013) 
Part video diary , part meditation on a landscape . Photographer David Wise spends the summer camped out on Darnet Island in the Medway Estuary and unravels . A very strange and rather moving documentary.
Watch it

10 - New low level wobbly music from Concretism https://soundcloud.com/concretism
Wizards Tell Lies http://www.wizards-tell-lies.co.uk/ and Zali Krishna http://www.iotacism.com/2014/


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