Tuesday, 11 February 2014


‘III’ by MICROFL▼RSCNCE  is a crumbling edifice of sound; flakes of noise falling from a forbidding cliff wall of crackle, writhing rusted electronics and jumbled voices.  The music swirls in a thick psych-broth, individually recognisable elements bubbling to the surface occasionally before dissipating into the murk: snatches of Bollywood strings, stamping fireworks, tape hiss, thick chords of organ rumble.  Everything is soaked in a lushly beautiful wobbling drone, drifting serenely unmoored from any obvious structures.  The second side is just as becalmed, stabs of echoing guitar pulse into a shimmering mist.  The addition of a skipping techno thump adds forward thrust without constraining any of the evocative sampling; alien bird calls, shrieking whoops, and the clatter of woody percussion stretch and test the boundaries loosely placed by the steady beat.

Like Rano’s last tape, the excellent ‘Hot Jone’ by Maurice’s Hotel Death, ‘III’ is effortlessly weird; a drone remix of field recordings lost within a dusty suitcase in a crashed and forgotten space craft, resting in a vine-choked jungle canopy.  Another great Rano release.
Purchase a downloadable copy here.

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