Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dirty Knobs - I Want to Live Inside the Sun (Xero Music)

‘I Want to Live Inside the Sun’ is an album made in reaction to the extreme cold of Minnesota in the early months of this year; it contemplates the immensity and creative violence of our nearest star; Zac Bentz (a.k.a. Dirty Knobs) imagined himself floating within touching distance, somehow unconsumed.
This sound of this roaring synth set is large and grandiose, resembling an enormous neo-gothic church organ blasting a congregation of skeletons, flayed clean by sheer volume.  The first part is an unceasing assault of drone, a constant swell of molten fury.  Part two provides a contrast, a post-supernova frozen void evoked in ambient hum and a desolate buried melody, irradiating fuzz clicking subtly but lethally in the margins.
‘I Want to Live Inside the Sun’ is an album about heat and its negative, a flesh-burning frost that flickers the embers of the album to a close.
Buy the album from Bandcamp here.  Dirty Knobs Facebook and Twitter here and here.

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