Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cup and Bow - Bridge Physics (no label)

‘Bridge Physics’ by Cup And Bow is an album for fans of looking under the bed at night.  Using home-made instruments, synths and electronics; Cup And Bow create a creaking multitude of noise: fog horns and floating hover-menace; flickering peripheral shimmers; weary shuffling bass wobbles; waste-plain wind gusts; doom-trumpets ripping feedback from baked rocks.  Siren klaxons cause a weirdly lonely confusion; alarms sounding in empty rooms; the Nostromo’s corridors, empty of life, in the brief moments between Ripley’s escape and its self-destruction; metal, darkness, and audio distress its sole remaining inhabitants.
The occasional clatter of woody percussion resembles Demdike Stare if they left their machines unhindered, running loops autonomously.  The funereal pacing throughout enhances a uniformity of tone and delivery that becomes stifling in places, an atmosphere clogged with airborne dirt and heat; alien, dank, and sinister.
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