Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Gallery: God's Mama - Boat-Ting, 01/09/14

A few pictures of God's Mama from the September Boat-Ting session.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fallout Shelter Disks: an announcement

Credit: James Vaughan X-Ray Delta One under a Creative Commons license

Ears For Eyes seeks applicants for a regular feature entitled Fallout Shelter Disks. You, as an individual, duo, 27-piece free-jazz orchestra, occult entity or sentient computer virus, will select six albums/songs/EPs, a book and a luxury item to take down into your bunker should the apocalypse occur. A conversational exchange will then take place in a manner that in no way resembles a certain BBC Radio 4 programme.

Choose wisely, these will be your cultural companions until the air and food run out, or you're devoured by giant irradiated mutant rodents. 

Interest parties please email: zombini99@gmail.com.